Papirnata zip vrečka z okencem

Paper Doypack with window 250ml

0,28 including VAT
Packaging that prolongs the freshness, durability and organic values of the product being packed in it.Due to the use of internal lamination, paper zip bags are airtight and suitable for packaging products such as teas, spices, dried fruits, nuts, candy, seeds and more.Volume: 250ml / 30-100gAttention: Check if the size fits your needs - ml is not equal to g
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Papirne vrečke za čaj

Small two-layer Paper bag 100-300g

0,31 including VAT
Two-ply paper bags for tea, coffee or other contents. Made of brown ribbed paper and treated with grease-resistant paper inside.The bags come with gold closures.Approximate Capacity: 100g-300g
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Aluminijasta posodica

Aluminum container 10ml

0,62 including VAT
Aluminum container with a lid that perfectly protects the contents inside. Suitable for creams, gels, waxes or other cosmetics.Volume: 10ml
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Enoslojna OPP vrečka

Single-layer OPP transparent bag 500g

0,20 including VAT
Single layer transparent bag with flat bottom for teas, coffee, spices or other. Made of 40 micron OPP foil, which is easy and 100% industrially degradable.The bags can be welded or closed with U-closures that come with it.
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Aluminijasta posodica za kreme 100ml

Aluminum container 100ml

1,19 including VAT
Aluminum container with a lid that perfectly protects the contents inside. Suitable for creams, gels, waxes or other cosmetics. The containers are made according to the highest EU standards and contain BPA-NI internal coating.Volume: 100ml
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Začetna slika embalažko


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